Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rampage Time!!

It's rampage time. This will be my first summer rampage. I started playing right at the end of the last one and as such didn't get any games in for it.
Anyway, it was a glorious day to be Khador in the rampage. I went three and zero against the enemies of the empire. My first game was against Awesome Sauce and his legion dragon things. I won the Supply Lines scenario. This scenario consisted of three verticle lines in the middle of the board each 12 inches apart. On the third turn if either of us controlled one supply line we won the scenario. I basically camped a bunch of Man-o-war on one end of a line feated with EVlad and cleaned out everything that was on that line. Which got me the first victory for the empire.
My second game was against one of our newer players, Taylor. He was playing Circle and the new caster. The one with the Scythe, I dont remember his name. Anyway we were playing scenario but it was irrelevant. Third turn rolled around and he got feated on and Beast got two finishing moves and a rampage letting him kill a Pureblood Wolf, a Warp Wolf, and two shifting stones in one turn. Fenris ended up with the Caster kill. Sorscha feated to make this all possible.
The last game was against Mikey. Cryx, Goreshade, Nightmare and Deathjack. Bad day! We got the reinforcement scenario. It looked like for a turn there that I was going to win by scenario but Yuri missed his first flying steel attack which was also the charge. Sad. It ended up I wiped the board and my last two infantry two Man-o-war Kaptains, one Shocktrooper and one Demo Corp bashed Goreshade in the face for the win. By the way PVlad was my caster.
I've learned two things today. EVlads feat is still broken and the Shocktroopers, while not so good in Caster Kill, rock scenario play. Armor 21 and CRA makes for a solid wall to hold points with.
All in all a good day to be Khador. We will get our book first!!!

Good Night and Good Luck