Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Epic Butcher

In my experience hes a big beat stick that is almost better run as a solo that cant die than as a caster. My EButcher lists almost always have 276 points of doomreavers. And then the rest of the awesome weapon masters that the faction has to offer. I have found that the EButcher benefits from highly mobile units so Man-o-war are out and so are the IFP. Uhlans are arguable one of the best but only if you run Kovnik Markhov, other wise you run the risk of them running away from your own doomies. Drakhun loves this army as well so that makes a total of six mounted figs running around the board keeping your opponent covered while the big man gets into position. One thing about this army to remember. This is a glass cannon army (great if your practicing for retribution) if they hit and you dont win, you will more than likely lose. So make that feat turn count. A word on 'jacks. 'Jacks with chain attacks work better with the Butcher than those without. Kodiak and Drago both love the Butcher, but others like Beast and Destroyer dont like him near as much. If you bring the rest of the staples that come with a Khador army, manhunters, yuri, widowmakers, and mortar crews you should be more than capable of delivering the hurt in 750. And if you want to go for a 1000 pnt game Karchev is the Butchers best friend. These are just my thoughts on a caster that I have come to love.P.S. Unnaturral disaster killing a unit of wolves of oroboros and three tharn trackers was more than satisfying.

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