Saturday, July 4, 2009

Im still playing War Machine

So its been a while since I posted (like 3 months) but I'm going to get back in the game. Starting with a battle synopsis of a trial game that me and Jeff had. This is getting ready for the escalation style tournament coming up. The idea is that you bring all three lists, each having to have a different named caster, and then you play a random point value per table that night.

Anyway me and Jeff started out this way. (I like Trollbloodscrum's way of giving a flavor side of the fight. I think I shall mimic.)

Kommander Sorscha looked up as a Menoth scout came running through the snow. It was hard to see the white of his armor against the snow but she guessed that made him a more effective scout. The scout was directed towards her by a Guardsman, and he loped over.
Kneeling before her, she motioned him to rise. "Speak." she said."Ma'am" the scout started, "there is a small group of Everblight beasts over the hill. I couldn't get a good view but it looked as though Thagrosh himself were there."
He started to say more but Sorscha had stopped listening. Thagrosh!? That meant if she captured him she could get back into the graces of the Empress, and of Vladimir. After her betrayal of the Butcher of Khardov the Empress had put her on border duty with the rest of the Winterguard. Border duty! She was a forward Kommander of the Khadoran army! How dare they do this.
"I will deal with this myself. Mechanics, ready Beast-09 and another Juggernaut. We have dragonspawn to kill."

So this fight was ugly from the start.


Kommander Sorscha




Thagrosh Messiah of Everblight



Yup he finally got Angelius. This thing is rediculous. Anyway I deployed pretty much in the middle of the board. There was a small hill of center to the right and a small forest off center to the left.

Turn 1

Jeff: Run that was about it. Angelius stayed on the other side of the forest. Thagrosh and Typhon both came around to the left.

Me. Run. Juggernaut went to draw Angelius out the trees barely inside charge range. Sorscha wind rushed up and cast tempest. And for those who dont know tempest is a three focus spell that is pow 12 and knocks down anything in the 4 inch AOE. Target typhon, miss and drift to hit Typhon and Thagrosh. Nice.

Sorscha willed Beast and the Juggernaut forward, Beast's heavy boiler was loud in the snowy silence. She looked over the hill and saw an abomination. Three headed and full of menace this monster made her question her resolve at coming with so small a force. But she steeled herself and urged her 'jacks onward. She called up the power of a storm to lunge herself forward and then funneled that same storm toward the three-headed monstrosity ahead. But the thing evaded the blast but was still knocked down by the high winds. When the beast fell she saw Thagrosh himself kneel before the winds and knew that this day was hers.

Turn 2

Jeff: Yup he charged it, and epic fail only took out the Juggernauts left arm with Angelius. Typhon stood up and tried to spray Sorscha but its hard to hit a DEF 20. Thagrosh stood and moved behind the trees.

Me: Juggernaut gets one focus beast gets one. Sorscha used the spell freezing grip making the Angelius stationary and Juggernaut proceeded to beat it within an inch of its life. And Beast, oh wait i forgot to move sorscha so beast cannot charge, Beast runs to engage.

When the monster rose its three heads sprayed a foul attack at her but the winds of the storm prevented the attack from succeeding. She then heard a roar from the trees and a dragonspawn that she hadn't seen charged from the forest and hit the Juggernaut in the shouler, with each attack of its whiplike tail more armor peeled away from the Juggernaut's ravaged chassis. Until finally its arm fell. Sorscha not wanting to lose a 'Jack this early called up the cold magic that was her birthright and froze the monster mid-swing. The Juggernaut raised its good arm and pummeled the monster. It was still living when Beast-09 sensing its allies plight came running through the snow.
Turn 3
Jeff: Typhon falls back towards Thagrosh and tries spraying Beast. Missed and cast draconic blessing on himself that was about it.
Me: Angelius dies by Juggernaut. Beast runs around the forest and sorscha wind rushes behind him and feats.
Beast-09 seemed to be in a frenzy as it tore the wings from the monster's back and left it bleeding in the snow. The Juggernaut ran past what remained of its attacker towards Thagrosh. Sorscha called upon the storm again to race past her Juggernaut and then reaching down within herself she called upon the full fury of the frozen north and froze Thagrosh and his monster where they stood.
Turn 4:
Jeff: Feats and makes another Angelius. Typhon is frozen and as such cannot do anything.
Me: Beast-09 slams Typhon into Angelius and since he gets another dmg dice on slams does a number to Typhon. Using the two other focus Beast kills Typhon with two extra attacks and then takes a slam from Juggernaut smooshing Thagrosh. Sorscha wind rushed up and finished off the downed Angelius.
Even frozen the Legion titan was able to try and thwart her plans. The stone in his chest shone with a dark purpose as blood poured from it. The monster she thought was dead formed from the blood and roared at her. Not waiting to give it time to attack she ordered Beast to attack the still frozen three headed beast. Gears clanged and pistons pounded as Beast thundered forward catching the beast with a full shoulder ram. The monster flew back from the hit as its comrade rushed to help but was caught in the fall. Beast then raised it's axe into the air and finished the monstrosity. Sorscha used her calculating wits and realized that Beast, although valuable, wasn't as valuable as the empresses good graces. And she ordered the Juggernaut to slam the Beast forward into Thagrosh. She then rushed forward and brought Frostfang down on the winged monster's head, killing it for good this time.
Turn 5:
Jeff: Thagrosh walks around Beast and tries to kill Sorscha, he hit her twice and left her with 4 wounds. But man I love DEF 20.
Me: Juggernaut with no arms left head butts Thagrosh knocking him down. Sorscha uses her 3 remaining focus to kill Thagrosh.
Beast was still stunned from the hit by the Juggernuat so Thagrosh shouldered him aside and marched towards Sorscha. He raised his blade into the air, as he struck the winds pushed his blade enough to ward a killing blow, again his sword fell and again the winds saved her. But she didn't have the power to do it again. The Beast, sensing it's master danger, charged behind Thagrosh and headbutted him in the back. Thagrosh fell to his knees and looked up into Sorscha's cold eyes. She brought Frostfang down and knocked the monster unconcious. As the Juggernaut picked up Thagrosh to carry him back to the capitol she laughed to herself. Yes she thought, Vladimir and the Empress would surely forgive her now.

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