Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mangled Metal!?
I love mangled metal its one of my favorite ways to play Warmachine. Although at three fifty I will probably only be fielding 3 figs, hooray for heavy 'Jacks. Although I do have some amazing heavy 'Jacks. Lets go over the fatties that could make it into my list.
Beast-09: Anyone who has ever played against me knows that this is my favorite 'Jack available to me. There are so many things it can do! ARM 20, P+S 19, Reach, SPD 5 (stop laughing at me Thorn), Crit Freeze, Thresher, and a whole gaggle of abilities that make him fun. Murderous is one of my favorites, for one focus beast gets a boosted attacks on every living model that he hits this round. Combine with thresher and hes gonna be crit freezing a lot of things in one round. He is also hyper aggresive, meaning if you shoot at him (yeah you Cygnar) he gets to move towards you. All around my best 'Jack.
Drago: Drago is the newcomer to my team, I really havent played him enough to know what he does. He has the potential to do some major damage to a unit or a single target. But the off chance that he blows up with anyone but Vlad almost deters me from playing him.
Destroyer: This is my awesome sauce artillery machine. RNG 14 POW 14 3 in AOE, a P+S 18 with an irrelevant Crit. ARM 20, and SPD 4 makes him just like all the rest of the 'Jack I can field, but his ability to shoot well and mix it up in melee makes him one of the best 'Jacks I have.
Juggernaut: What can I say except that for 11 more points I can run Beast. Beast does everything that Juggy does, only better.
Devestator: Devestator has one awesome thing going for him: ARM 25! With the exception of Cygnars Centurion with Arcane Sheild (puts him at 24) he has far and away the highest ARM in the game. He also has an attack that I dont have to roll an attack roll for. Rain of Death is one of my favorite attacks that I have. A POW 18 to anything in base-to-base and a POW 9 to anything within three inches of me. Oh and I can boost the damage. As long as I can get in base with your caster I'll probably be able to squish it.

That's all the heavies that I have. I think that I will be running Devestator and Beast but that is still up for debate.
As far as casters go there is only two casters that would make the cut. PIrusk and Karchev. PIrusk has a spell that is almost as lame as TB (Haley Sux), called Inhospitable Ground. It turns terrain around Irusk into rough terrain. He also has superiority, it gives my 'Jack plus one to all its stats. Including movement! That means that Beast could move at a blinding SPD 6! (I cry myself to sleep some nights)
Karchev is just a 'Jack casting machine. As he stands he's nowhere near as awesome as Darius or Mortinebra when it comes to 'Jack casting. He has a Tow rope that makes him capable of moving my 'Jacks with him, when i turn on the Turbine he makes my 'Jacks an effective SPD 16 on the first turn. Not too bad. His spell of Unearthly Rage gives my battlegroup (him too) an additional attack and dmg dice and the ability to hit ethereal models and things only effected by magic (that means you Vilmon). Then his feat, Total War: All models in my battle group can run, charge, and slam for free at SPD +5, perform power attacks, and get an additional +1 MAT all for free. He seems good at three fifty.

So the list as it stands now:
Karchev, the Terrible
+ Beast 09
+ Devestator
348 points

I am still toying with the idea of Destroyer. Let me know what you think.

Good Night, and Good Luck


  1. Hmm.. sounds like I need the Earthborn in these upcoming games. How to keep him alive on the other hand is another question, but if I can your jacks are screwed.

  2. One things for sure, the games will be quick.

    @Blah a Centurion with Jack Hammer on it will one shot any heavy, just make sure to keep your earthborn far far away.