Thursday, March 26, 2009

So I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and create a blog for the army near and dear to my heart: Khador! While I'm just following in Cereal John's footsteps I'd love to show my thoughts on this game that we all adore.
This is not going to be this biggest of blogs but i want to say that I had a lot of fun playing the steamroller that wasn't a steamroller. Even if I didn't get to play my favorite caster.
This blog will be for my Favorite Caster the Frozen Bitch herself Sorscha Kratikoff.
She has it all spells for infantry, spells for jacks, knock down AOE's, a feat that is almost (emphasis on almost) as good as EVlad. And she gets the best Khador 'Jack as a buddy. Beast 09. Sorscha will more than likely be my 350 point caster for the upcoming tourney. She's just fun to me.
So tell me what you think, is there room for a Khador blog in this group?


  1. I'm itchin to avenge my loss to you, since I pretty much had everything in your army dead and can't add.

  2. Dont be jealous Blah. I'll introduce you to the butchers buddies this week and see how you like it.

  3. Welcome pal! The Kool Aid is worries...its grape...everyone loves grape!

    Seriously...great start and look forward to more!

  4. There's always room for more :)