Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snakes vs. Weapons Masters...

So I play tested my 350 point Butcher list against my friend Jeff who runs the rules ignoring dragon things. His Army looked something like this...

Thagrosh Prophet of Everblight

Shredder x5


Shepherd x2

Standard Legion list. Lots of tiny little warbeasts to pop. My depoyment was a flying wedge of the Butcher, Fenris and Yuri. Manhunters and yuri fully deployed dead center in front of his group (he didn't bring range either yay) and the widowmakers on a nearby hill.

He wins initiative and goes first. Moves everything up, uses some animi and casts blight shroud which gives concealment to everything around Thagrosh. Which pretty much outs the widowmakers. Even Carnivian is sitting on a DEF 16.

My turn. Yuri charges kills a shredder, Drakhun and Fenris run up, manhunters get into position the butcher uses Killing Blow and Iron Flesh on Yuri. The widowmakers sit on the hill and pick their noses at the DEF of the other army.

Jeff again. Carnivian charges, misses with the assault on Fenris and then pummels him off his horse. The remaining four shredders shred Yuri and thats about it. Upkeep the blight shroud.

My turn. Feat! The manhunter charges Carnivian almost kills it, the second one finishes it off. Drakhun charges in rolls a six on flying steel and proceeds to kill a shepherd and one shredder, while critically injuring the another. Fenris charges kills a shredder, berserks into a shepherd, kills it, berserks into a shredder and... misses. Boo. But right now his board is 2 shredder, and Thagrosh.

Jeff goes. Thagrosh walks up knocks Drakhun off his horse, then reaches and kills him. Then Thagrosh Feats, poops out a Carnivian which conveniently blocks a charge lane from the Butcher. One of the shredders charges the widowmakers and shreds them. The remaining shredder moves in the way and blocks another charge lane.

My turn again. The Butcher upkeeps killing blow, charges the Carnivian kills it in two hits and then one shots the last shredder. Thagrosh is open to the manhunters. They charge and almost kill Thagrosh, he has eight wounds and gets hit for eight on the last hit, transfers it to the shredder which now has two fury on it. Now Thagrosh cannot move without taking a free strike.

Jeff's turn. He takes the gamble and tries to move out of combat with one manhunter to smack the butcher. The manhunter hits the free strike and deal 8 damage just enough to kill Thagrosh. Jeff goes to transfer but... his shredder is full of fury no damage tranfer allowed! So yeah I won cause Jeff cant do math.

Legion MVP: Thagrosh He killed Drakhun and kept my widowmakers from picking off his army. Boo.

Khador MVP: Drakhun 3 figs on the feat turn works for me.

Army analysis. So i need to make room for the great bears. I think Drakhun is going to leave his mounted self behind and the widowmakers are going to stay home. My list will now look somthing like this.

The Butchers Buddies mkII

The Butcher of Khardov






The Great Bears of Gallowswood

349 points

So thats that.

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  1. You would have won even easier if you had been playing Cryx!!! Yeah Cryx! whooo hooo Cryx!!!! Cryx Rock!